See „The Interview“ Picture with a VPN

The humor job „The interview“ by Sony Films, featuring James Franco and Seth Rogen has made waves in the news. The movie is on the basis of two reporters, hired by CIA to kill North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s story.

The movie was pulled by Sony Pictures after enduring an unprecedented hacking attack in the hands of a group. The film was designed to be published on Christmas day but the launch was cancelled by Sony after receiving threats from extremist hackers. The hackers threatened to execute a terrorist attack on each theater which will showcase the film.


Sony Films had spent in the making of the film around $42 million. Enormous damages may be caused by your choice not to release the film . Sony’s Mr Lynton said that digital distribution had currently been picked to overrule some of this damage.

The good thing is Sony Films has made a decision to showcase the film in selected theaters on the night of Christmas. Several hundred independent theaters throughout the United States have come forward offering to reveal the name after theaters that were bigger determined to not screen it following risks.

Let’s spice the news up more! It is also possible to see the film in America however just through some committed sites via YouTube, Google services and Microsoft Xbox platform.

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