Where can I buy Proxy Server? – The 5 best providers

It doesn’t matter whether you are an SEO expert in the literal prime of your trade, a beginner in the field or just doing SEO as a hobby to learn some tricks – proxy servers are definitely one of the most important parts in your so-called „SEO toolbox“.

The proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the destination address on the web. A proxy server protects your private information and privacy from access by web pages and web servers. Below is some information about why proxy servers are almost indispensable for SEO marketers.

The analysis of competitors is an essential part of SEO. If you regularly monitor your competitors‘ websites and their SEO activities via your own Internet connection, it can happen that they quickly become aware of this and trace you back. It is therefore advisable to use a proxy server to remain invisible and still be able to analyze the websites of your competitors.

If, for example, as a digital marketer, you manage multiple social media accounts and accounts simultaneously, you should do so through a proxy server. So none of the social networks can blacklist or ban you or block your accounts due to the use of multiple accounts or conspicuous activities during login processes.

If you work for customers spread all over the world, you don’t want them to see geolocated web content or certain geospecific search engine rankings while they are working, of course. A proxy server helps you to emulate your IP address. Search engines and websites will then treat you like a visitor from a specific country. They will also provide you with the content you want.

  • Are you employed in a large and busy SEO research office where several computers use the same IP address to work on keyword analysis, website analysis and other SEO activities?
  • Then it could happen that one day a search engine misinterprets your repeated and untiring accesses to one and the same web address.
  • These misinterpreted accesses as DDoS attacks could also be blacklisted. This risk could easily be avoided with a proxy server.

If you want the best proxy servers to be on the safe side during your SEO experiments and explorations, you should check out
the following providers:


Enjoy your SEO activities stress-free and as one without having to worry about whether your IP could be tracked. This is made possible by FineProxy’s affordable proxy server services. Here you can get an IP from all major and significant countries – including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, UK, Latvia, Japan, China, USA, Turkey, Hong Kong and many more.

FineProxy packages are offered in various combinations of proxies. The packages are valid for 10 or 30 days. If extended, it will be cheaper than your first purchase. Even a free use of the service is possible. All you have to do is to announce your support of the service in the provider’s forum.

With a detailed FAQ, useful articles and a good forum, FineProxy offers its customers more than just an ordinary proxy service.


With servers distributed around the world at speeds in excess of 1,000 Mbps, multiple IP subnets, no advertising, completely anonymous IPs and no configuration issues, SquidProxies is THE service for you! Guaranteed round-the-clock access, no consecutive IP addresses and compatibility with all browsers are guaranteed. If your budget is limited, it is also possible to share proxies for your SEO experiments with other users.


From the starter plan, with 50 simultaneous connections, to the elite plan, with 200 connections (suitable for large SEOs), ProxyRack has a good choice for all types of requirements. Common to all plans is access to more than 25,000 proxies from over 40 countries and unlimited bandwidth. Each connection gets a randomly selected IP address, which simplifies your critical and intensive SEO analyses. With ProxyRack you won’t get any compatibility problems. All proxies have been tested with Scrapebox, Scrapejet, Google Search Bot, XRumer, No Hands SEO, Decaptcher and other software.


On its main page BuyProxies makes some bold assertions, all of which are justified. The IPs of BuyProxies work at top speed. After one month of use, you will not find yourself on the same server as with other providers, as BuyProxies updates its IP address inventory on a monthly basis. The basic package offers you 10 semi-dedicated HTTP proxies. The extended package even offers over 100 HTTP proxies.


MyPrivateProxy is one of the leading companies and offers you dedicated HTTP-IPs with fast 1,000 Mbps servers. Unlimited bandwidth ensures that you can perform your SEO tasks at the fastest speeds. The proxies provided have been tested for cooperation with all web offers based on HTTP and HTTPS and guarantee compatibility with all developer tools from Facebook, Twitter, Bookmarkwiz, Sick Submitter, Senuke and Scrapebox.