Netflix Views Popcorn Time As a significant Competition

Piracy is seen by video streaming giant Netflix as its largest challenger. Popcorn Time’s growth, frequently branded as the Netflix is especially challenging for the organization as it is more straightforward to work with than conventional torrent sites and packed with all the most recent hits.

Netflix- a year ago logoThe Popcorn Time program brought peer to peer streaming into a mainstream people.

Branded the „Netflix for Pirates“ it became an immediate success by offering BitTorrent-powered streaming within an simple- to-use Netflix-style interface.

This is cause for Netflix itself is also beginning to stress and anxiety. In a letter to the investors of the firm Popcorn Time gets a particular reference.

„Piracy is still among our largest rivals,“ Netflix CEO Reed Hastings writes.

„This graph of Popcorn Time’s sudden rise relative to Netflix and HBO in the Netherlands, for instance, is sobering,“ he includes, referencing the Google styles data below demonstrating Popcorn Time rapidly catching up with Netflix.

While it is a note that is comparatively modest, Hastings‘ opinions do indicate an alteration in approach to get an organization that formerly described itself.

The CEO of Netflix formerly noted that the business might be even helped by piracy, as many torrent users would change to Netflix as it provides a far greater user experience.

„Surely there is some torrenting that goes on, and that is accurate across the planet, but some of that only creates the demand,“ Hastings said last year.

„Netflix is really so simpler than torrenting. Hastings do not need to deal with files, you do not have to download them and move them around. Hastings merely click and see,“ he added.

The trouble is it’s not equally as difficult as Netflix, or even more easy. And in relation to recent films and TV shows the option that is pirated has a content library that is top-notch also.

A study released by research firm KPMG formerly revealed that of the most well-known and critically acclaimed movies can be found via other on demand subscription services and Netflix.

While Netflix mainly is determined by the content originators in regards to what content they are able to make accessible, that is definitely among the places where they have to „catch up.“

For Netflix, company is going nicely in spite of the Popcorn Time concerns. The organization declared its results for the fourth quarter of 2014 which resulted in $1.48 billion in revenue, up 26%, and a gain of $83 million.