How to watch Hulu abroad with VPN

Hulu’s a popular website for on-demand streaming videos of TV shows, movies, and so much more. Unfortunately they only provide their services to clients living in the USA. Anyone outside of the USA must procure a VPN service provider to watch Hulu while living outside of the United States and abroad.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows the client to virtually connect to a network in the USA, through their VPN service provider and stream Hulu to any location in the world. The VPN service provider encrypts and secures data to and from the address of the server not the client. Therefore giving the freedom and privacy for any client to browse the Internet without anyone knowing where they looked or what they’re doing on the Internet.

A VPN address can be purchases anytime before or during your stay abroad. Simply browse the Internet for a good VPN or Proxy service. Once signed up with a VPN service provider, Hulu cannot detect the location and allows their programs to be viewed.

VPN service providers are especially useful in China; the VPN address allows the member to choose any American city as a server, thus enabling the member to constantly switch cities as the Chinese finds ways to close the servers down.

Once the VPN service provider is running, a membership is required to view any Hulu programs. The membership allows the choice to watch programs for free or to sign up for Hulu plus and watch popular TV shows instantly.

Another method is to go to Media Hint extension setup with either Chrome or Firefox, follow the instructions and enjoy watching Hulu while living out of United States, for free!