How to unblock Netflix outside the US

Netflix is one of the fast and secure ways of being able to access an enormous number of TV programs and films via the internet and from the comfort of your own home. Although not everyone is able to gain access to a site such as Netflix.

Changing the individual’s IP address is the best way in which any individual, outside of the US, can unblock Netflix and watch as many TV programs and films until their heart’s content. There are a several ways in which this can be done:

VPNs. Although not free, VPNs are considered the best way to unblock Netflix and access films anywhere. Specifically created for this purpose, VPNs act as servers which the individual connects to.

They allow the individual to hide their identity, make their browsing secure and public WiFis and unblock all kinds of services, by changing the user’s IP address. VPN providers are numerous and more than 50 can be found by a simple internet search. Be sure to get a fast VPN because Video on Demand is using a lot of bandwith. And check out if they offer a US IP – and you are good to go. With this ip you can access Netflix from any place in the world.

When the individual has a valid VPN service, all they need to do then is simply sign up to Netflix US. All that the individual needs, is a payment method that is accepted by Netflix, which can be any credit card that works with the post code trick, a US based PayPal account, or an EntroPay virtual credit card
Browser extensions. These pieces of software are able to modify and alter the workings of the web browser. There are extensions available that will change the individual’s IP address and unblock things like Netflix.

There are a number of advantages to using this method. Firstly, most country IPs are available and the individual can therefore unblock multiple services, not to mention, it’s free