HidemyAss VPN Review

Why „Hide My Ass“ I hide myself using VPN?

If you were to listen to the mainstream media, Virtual Private Network [Virtual Private Network (VPN)] is the only reason to use the scan to destroy your past, and try to hide your illegal or immoral business. Guilty of defamation and everyone VPN concepts and a systematic campaign to convince someone else will attempt to use the VPN pervert carried out. „Hide My Ass“ [hide my ass] as well as a name voters essentially „good faith“ be said to provide a service image. But as VPN weapons, demonstrating the value is something that is not how they used what they had.

When the Internet first emerged, in an environment of global knowledge sharing system azade from national and political boundaries in the direction of research and communication will optimize had a dream. Naturally, people use the internet to 17.2 seconds after opening the first text-based role playing game, 14 seconds later, the first obscene photograph, which was 13 seconds after the first ad appeared.

While the game industry to adapt to this new environment immediately, audio and video industries failed to act so quickly; Instead of developing a new business model for virtual world have tried to implement business models that exist in the real world to the internet and tried to make up the basis of the licensed IP address.

As you can see from the test, that Hidemyass vpn server where the speed varies greatly depending on the server and the rate of loading have.

Hidemyass sector companies is not a new entrant, serving since 2005. Time and using the best resources at their disposal 57 thousand IP addresses in 62 countries and serving 474 server owners. No matter where your location on the map, using one of the free HMA or Professional package contents can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Moreover, instead of giving you a random one of Hidemyass server, you can connect on the server that will allow you to speed test offers the opportunity to choose the most appropriate one for your purpose by providing tools. If you do download a large file server can you feed a little slower but the video is the fastest server to watch or best if you play the game. HMA keeps a record of user activity: real IP, time entry and exit, which you use IPs on the servers.

With the support of secure IP VPN can make only certain applications through operating condition.

Hidemyass Speed ​​Guide with installation of the system on the server, you can easily download and the ping speed test. HMA allows you to maintain your online habits to use the VPN service, so the video content you legally register Netflix can provide you access even while on the road, also from spam, you can get rid of the crooks and the others are in pursuit of your personal information. But be careful if you’re doing something illegal – Lulzsec hackers Cody Kretzing (Sabi) cases, when a large enough pressure from Hidemyass The authors showed that give the user information to the FBI.