See „The Interview“ Picture with a VPN

The humor job „The interview“ by Sony Films, featuring James Franco and Seth Rogen has made waves in the news. The movie is on the basis of two reporters, hired by CIA to kill North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s story. The movie was pulled by Sony Pictures after enduring an unprecedented hacking attack in […]

View internet streaming tv abroad on vacation

Nothing is not as inconvenient . Seeing your preferred television programs from any place on the planet is amazing. You catch the latest The Blacklist from a cellular communication apparatus but can trek through the deepest snow that covers the whole Arctic Circle. Better yet, you’ll be able to see Raymond wreak havoc on the […]

Netflix Views Popcorn Time As a significant Competition

Piracy is seen by video streaming giant Netflix as its largest challenger. Popcorn Time’s growth, frequently branded as the Netflix is especially challenging for the organization as it is more straightforward to work with than conventional torrent sites and packed with all the most recent hits. Netflix- a year ago logoThe Popcorn Time program brought […]

Setting up Apache as a reverse proxy

To set up a reverse proxy, you can use the Apache HTTP Server. The world’s most popular web server has various extension modules for various proxy functions and can be configured accordingly with just a few lines of code. The following step-by-step instructions show how to add the required module to an Apache installation on […]

Reverse proxy server – core component in security architectures

The secure operation of Web or Exchange servers poses a problem for network administrators: although online services such as the Web or e-mail should be available via the public network, a direct connection to the Internet makes the systems vulnerable to malware and manual break-ins. This is why a network component is often used – […]

Manual proxy settings under Windows

Basically, private users who connect to the Internet with their computer via LAN or WLAN do not need to make any manual changes to the proxy settings. Changing the default settings is only necessary if the data traffic is deliberately to run via a proxy server. In corporate networks, however, bundling Internet traffic via a […]

What is a proxy server?

The connection between client and server is not always made directly. In many networks, so-called proxies assume the function of an intermediary. In this way, data streams can be optimally distributed and additional security mechanisms implemented. Even private users sometimes decide to redirect their Internet traffic via a proxy server in order to disguise their […]

Where can I buy Proxy Server? – The 5 best providers

It doesn’t matter whether you are an SEO expert in the literal prime of your trade, a beginner in the field or just doing SEO as a hobby to learn some tricks – proxy servers are definitely one of the most important parts in your so-called „SEO toolbox“. The proxy server acts as an intermediary […]

Usenet Questions And Answers

One advantage of Usenet is that you do not automatically upload anything to other users during the download – so you do not have to „share“ anything. However, this does not mean that you cannot actively participate in what is happening on Usenet. You can create new topics, give answers and also attach or upload […]

Using VPN On An IPhone

As with PC clients, iPhone and iPad allow secure access to the company network via iphoneVPN. The iOS-8 devices supported different protocols. The following article explains the configuration and the different solutions in detail. When connected to a VPN, the iPhone/iPad behaves like a normal PC. This means that companies need normal VPN access. This […]

Operator of NYSE plans crypto platform and bitcoin futures

The US company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced on August 3 that it was building a platform for digital assets. The company, which also owns the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is also considering the launch of Bitcoin futures. In contrast to CME and CBOE products, this product should allow actual payouts in bitcoin. The Intercontinental […]

Browse The Net Without Government Observing

As a result of such things as specific marketing and data-collection a lot people have become increasingly worried about the government watching every single move. Canadians are passing over more information than actually by executing regular tasks like inquiring Yahoo a query, or scrolling through Facebook. However you can find means to see the internet […]

Getting US Netflix in Canada

In 2016, began breaking back to the Canadians that have been trying to log-on to the American model of by utilizing VPN solutions to spoof their place. Luckily, the loading video solutions awkward whackamole approach to preventing VPN machines is fairly simple to side-step. For Netflix clients that reside outside America, the secret […]